Director’s Breakdown Sheet: Take This Waltz

Director’s Breakdown Sheet: Take This Waltz

INT. Apartment – Day

Length: 1 Page (?)

Margot and Aaron have sex.

Notes: The audience will see the progression of Margot and Aaron’s relationship over a period of a few weeks. Audience must feel the passion.

Cast and Performance:



Camera: Dolly wide

Storyboards in set binder

Set Ups: Wide, circling dolly


Costumes: Margot — Striped red shirt, jean shorts. Yellow dress. Purple tights.

Aaron – Pants and tank top. Pants and dress shirt.

Props: Ladder, painting sheet, moving boxes, plants, fan, bath tub, bed, lamps, dresser, sofa, carpet, sheets, Christmas tree, lanterns, lights, table, bean bag, television

Extras: Female for threesome, male for threesome

VFX: none

SFX: none

Transitions: smooth cuts

Editing: minimal and unnoticeable

Stunts: sex

Music: Take This Waltz – Leonard Cohen

Coming From/Going To: Coming from lakeside scene, going to living room scene

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